Regional Land Transport Plan 2024-34

Closed 13 May 2024

Opened 11 Apr 2024


The Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) underpins the region's road network and transportation planning, as well as the investment priorities over the next ten years on both the state highway and local road networks. From a statutory perspective, the RLTP meets the requirements of the Land Transport Management Act 2003 and contributes to the overall aim of the Act.

This RLTP recognises that the transport network we have traditionally relied on may not be appropriate for the future. The key transport issues in Marlborough in the next 10 years are:

  • improve the resilience of the road network
  • continue to maintain the network to the current levels of service
  • vehicle usage growth and its effects on access
  • safety on our roads

The focus of this RLTP will be on supporting the Marlborough Sounds Future Access Study, increasing maintenance budgets in line with increasing costs, supporting economic and population growth and increasing resilience.

Proposed Regional Land Transport Plan 2024-34

The Regional Land Transport Plan should be read in conjunction with Marlborough’s Transport Activity Management Plan.

Activity Management Plan Supporting Documents

Submissions close 13 May 2024 5.00 pm.

Consultation on the Council Long Term Plan is being undertaken at the same time. The funding of the RLTP aligns with the Council Long Term Plan.
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