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Closed activities

  • Review of Specialist Change Facilities Policy

    The Council is reviewing its Specialist Change Facilities Policy that was first adopted in 2020. Specialist change facilities are a dedicated area where people with multiple or complex disabilities can be changed or toileted by their caregiver in a safe and clean environment. The current...

    Closed 27 October 2023

  • Small Townships Okiwi Bay Community Consultation

    The Small Townships Programme is a programme supporting small townships connection to the council and the delivery of development in outdoor public spaces. The Small Townships purpose is to focus on projects and actions that support The design a liveable town with an attractive...

    Closed 23 October 2023

  • Navigation Bylaw

    The Marlborough District Council (Council) is proposing to replace its 2009 Navigation Bylaw. Under the Maritime Transport Act 1994 (MTA), the Council has the authority to regulate ports, harbours, waters and maritime-related activities in the Marlborough region. Under section 33M of the...

    Closed 1 October 2023

  • Welcoming Week Survey

    1 - 10 September 2023 Thank you for joining us for the 1st Welcoming Week in Marlborough. We would love to hear your thoughts about the event(s) that you attended as part of Welcoming Week. Thank you for taking the time to fill in the short survey. If you enter your email in the...

    Closed 24 September 2023

  • Dangerous, Earthquake-prone and Flood-prone Dams Policy Review

    The Marlborough District Council (Council) is proposing to review its 2018 Dangerous, Earthquake-prone and Flood-prone Dams policy. Under the s161 of the Building Act a Regional Authority is required to review this policy at intervals of not more than five years. ...

    Closed 15 September 2023