Draft Wither Hills Management Plan

Closes 9 Aug 2024

Opened 10 Jun 2024


For many people today the Wither Hills Farm Park (Park) is a place to walk, run, mountain bike, experience the feel of being in the ‘country’ or simply recognise its place as a backdrop to Blenheim. However, its origins stemmed from the need to manage significant soil erosion problems, which were a potential threat to Blenheim.

The need to address soil erosion issues is ongoing and therefore public access to the farm park is enabled within a soil conservation management framework. Along with issues around managing fire risk, biodiversity restoration, invasive species control and vegetation management the need for integrated management of the Park is key.

The last management plan prepared by the Council for the Park was adopted in 2003.  A review of the 2003 Plan has been undertaken and a new draft plan has now been prepared.  Your feedback on this new plan is now welcomed.  Submissions are open until 9 August 2024.

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