Marlborough Airport: A Sustainable Future

Closed 13 Feb 2024

Opened 22 Dec 2023


Marlborough Airport Limited (MAL) has been working with stakeholders to identify its most important issues to foster a sustainable future, including environmental, social, economic and cultural issues.

Through several discussions with stakeholders over the past few months, we have identified 20 topics that we think are important to our operations now and in the future. We opened a public survey on these issues from December 2023 to February 2024. 

Why your views matter

Marlborough Airport is a council-controlled organisation (CCO), 100% owned by Marlborough District Council and the community. We have heard from a range of voices about the future of the airport and its role. These survey results will help us to shape our goals for a sustainable future. 

With the survey results, the final output is a materiality matrix – with one axis representing business impact and the other your stakeholder concerns. This matrix will be used by Marlborough Airport to help prioritise decisions and develop a sustainability strategy embedded in the organisation's goals.

What happens next

Now that the stakeholder survey is complete (see diagram below), we are reviewing the information collected from this survey and previous stakeholder interviews held in 2023. This information is helping us to prioritise and develop a sustainability strategy embedded in the organisation's goals. We will communicate the outcomes this year through Marlborough Airport and Marlborough District Council.